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Got curious or even inspired? Join us! Together we can do great things! By becoming a supporting member you can enhance your scene activities by joining our network. We are aiming to form a strong community with a clear voice, promoting art and culture, inspiring and getting inspired, doing what we love! We offer to join our projects or to bring your own one to the community. We are also very open for the evaluation and creation of new ideas and visions. Let's extend the family and the outreach of our activities! As change is an always ongoing procedure, we as individuals and also as association change as well - be this change with us!

Membership fee: Starting from € 5,-/ month you can join our association and support our and your activities. You are of course free to donate more if you want :) We are applying for "Gemeinnützigkeit" at the moment, so soon you can offset your donation from your income tax. As always, stay tuned!

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A team is nothing without its members. Here a short overview of partners we actively collaborate with