Space of Urgency

A global advocacy network for the protection and realization of cultural free space: Space of Urgency

The Space of Urgency network has been shaped by the participation of the project team in projects like Enter the Void, Frei(T)räume, Dance of Urgency. Coming from the “underground” ourselves, we decided to take matters in our own hands and move “overground” by starting cross-sectoral work. We have realized the empowering aspect of exchanging ideas and solutions, the importance of working with cross-sectoral actors, and of sharing the stories with a bigger audience. We believe solutions can be best found when opening up and collaborating, instead of staying within your own community. An international network was shaped organically by actors with similar issues and aims, with the power of inspiring change by knowledge exchange, advocacy and implementing on-the-ground projects. This resulted in the Space of Urgency project, which is a collaboratıon with the Social Design department of The University of Applied Arts in Vienna, and connected to a broad network of advocates. All advocates are either part of a self-organized cultural space, or take an intermediary position in the realm between the spaces and society. Our shared aim is to give visibility to the spaces, to advocate for their protection and realization, and empower them to gain physical ground in cities for solidarity and diversity.
With our ongoing research we are trying to understand spaces of urgency on an international level. We do this by analyzing the purpose and function of the spaces and put these next to the conditions they are facing in their surroundings, to better understand how these spaces are manifestations of the urgencies in their environment. We gather their practices, strategies and actions for resilience and share this knowledge to give the spaces a voice and empower other initiatives.
A more artistic approach will be taken for the Space of Urgency exhibition in Vienna, spring 2021.The exhibition is curated by Bogomir Doringrer, Liese Kingma and Brigitte Felderer. The exhibition is a follow up of the Dance of Urgency exhibition about dance in times of personal and collective crisis. The Space of Urgency exhibition will reflect on the spaces such dances take place, and their role in society over time

Q21 Freiraum_21 Exhibition: Space of Urgency (Expected Spring 2021)

What is the definition of Free Space in 2020 and how can practices of self-organisation form the cornerstones of new governance models? For the Space of Urgency exhibition, artists, urban scientists, filmmakers and researchers will create pieces reflecting on these topics. It’s aim: to inspire and develop new models for the empowerment of self-organised culture in our current urban context.

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